TOSHIBA Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The build manager (compiler) and debugger operate in the TOSHIBA integrated development environment(IDE). Futhermore, installation of the standard text editor enables smooth linking from coding to debugging, effectively supporting application development.

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Feature of C Compiler

The C Complier package containing C Compiler, Assembler and Linker allows you to generate object files such as HEX files from source code written in C or Assembly language.

C Compiler conforms to the ANSI C standard and offers excellent descriptiveness and portability.
A wide range of options are provided to improve code efficiency and RAM utilization.

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Flash Programmer


Applicable MCU

FLASH microcomputers of the series below
TLCS-870/C 1 Series
TLCS-870/C Series
TLCS-870/X Series
TLCS-900/L 1 Series
TLCS-900/H 1 Series
TLCS-900/H Series
TX19A Series

Applicable OS

Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7(Note-2)

Device functions

Save, program, read, erase, blank check, verify, compare, auto programming

(Note-1) Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows NT®,  Windows Vista® and MS-DOS® are the registered trademarks or trademarks of U.S.Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan and other countries.

(Note-2) We checked the operation on 32-bit editions.

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Feature of RSA101

It is upgrade version of existing Flash Programmer and is downloadable to MCU without PC. It can be used for all TOSHIBA 8bit MCUs, and you can use the mobile phone charge cable which is currently used for general purpose. There is no dedicated program. It is automatically recognized by the PC like an external hard drive.

Manual Download

Feature of RAD100

It is a mobile version of Flash Programmer used in existing PC and can be downloaded to MCU without PC.

Available for all TOSHIBA 8-bit MCUs, and 32-bit MCUs are in the process of being updated.

OTG Cable and USB extension cable must be purchased separately and can be used with RWA100.

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